Friday, 28 March 2014

Writing Adventures

Writing Adventures.....

March 2014
Tadpoles arrived in our room on Thursday.  We had loads of excitement as the six Tads were made at home in the small aquarium.  They certainly looked happy and were very hungry.
We are excited to have them and the opportunity to watch them grow ... And change ...

They now have back legs. Our tadpoles are turning into froglets.

April 9th 2014.

We now have two small frogs.  They have their own tank while the other three froglets complete their metamorphosis stage. 

Swimming Sports. Acrostic poem. 

Sunny swimming sports
We won the tow- a- partner.
I loved the water splashing.
Mr. Dennis called when to go!
Mr. Dennis said to quiet down.
I was swimming as fast as I could.
Now it was my turn at tow-a-partner.
"Go!" Said Mr. Dennis

By Alizae

Maths games and activities to try at home ...

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